100 word challenge

The vast plane was soaring through the air. Then it went past the congested clouds.



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Our Inanimate Alice iPad Challenge

As we talked about in class on Friday, we are going to be using iPads this week to create a digital comic for the next chapter of Inanimate Alice. We are going to use an app called Comic Life, so if any of you can look at it before Wednesday, that would be great!

In preparation for this you need to storyboard the comic you would like to create. This means you need to decide on the story you will tell, the images you will need to tell the story, and any writing that you want to accompany the images (keep this to a minimum). We will take photographs for the images on Wednesday, or you can use any from the bank of photos already stored on the iPad. This weekend can you think about your story, so that on Monday afternoon we can storyboard in the pairs we will be working in.

Episode 5 of Inanimate Alice takes place in Hong Kong, the home city of her mother, Ming. Lots of her mother’s family live there, including lots of cousins – Alice does not really like them. Hong Kong is famous for its huge skyscrapers all crammed together – check it out on Google images – so you will need to include these in your comic images. Hong Kong is also famous for having a horse racing course right in the middle of the city. Alice, who is now 15 years old, has gone there with her parents, but has mysteriously become separated from them not long after arriving. Where are her parents? Have they been followed to Hong Kong from Moscow? What advice does Brad give her? How does the problem resolve itself? Where will they be heading to at the end of the episode?

Remember to include events that follow the pattern of the other episodes, and I look forward to hearing your ideas on Monday. Have a good weekend!


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100 word challenge

Whilst we were at the Shakespeare play, there was a marvellous audience waiting for us. Everyone said that our play was EXCEPTIONAL. Next year we hope to give the audience a bigger thrill.

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100 word challenge.

I have experienced Geography. I have enjoyed English, reading and PE. Maths has been challenging. I need to work on maths.

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Week 3 of our 100 word challenge

Hello everybody

I hope that we have all found the challenges enjoyable, and that we have found the feedback in lessons useful. Remember to comment on each others’ posts. Make sure you enable comments by ticking the box under your post!


This week’s words are EXCEPTIONAL, EXHILARATE, MARVELLOUS, SKULK and THRILL. Remember to use at least 3 of the words – look up the menings and try to be as imaginative as possible. Remember Aisha S’s post last week. What was good about hers?


I look forward to reading them, and don’t forget to comment on each others posts!

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100 Word challenge

Whilst I was at the amusement park, I saw a new ride which was all grimy. Before I went on it, I saw a girl cower in fear because of the same ride. She had the ability to cry.

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100 word challenge.

There were a lot of gaps in between the snooker tables. I had cowered under the table. “You are an agile person “, pleaded John.

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Your next hundred word challenge.

Well done to all of you who submitted a post for last week’s challenge. I would like to see more of you getting involved this week. Remember to read and comment on each other’s too!

Remember to try and use at least three of the vocab words and at least one of the focus sentence types. Happy writing!

This week’s words are AGILITY, COWER, DASHING, GRIMY and RELIC. If you don’t know a meaning, look it up online or in a dictionary.

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100 word challenge

When I went to see the Olympic torch, the roads were congested. Jubilant, everyone was waiting for it to arrive. Finally it arrived. People were beaming like they had won the lottery!

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100 word challenge

My favourite sport is rounders. I like rounders because you can run alot and it is challenging. You also have to try and hit the ball with the rounders bat. It is better if you hit it really far so you can get a full rounder. Whichever team gets the most full rounders wins. Sometimes when you are running people can get you out by getting the ball and putting it on the cone, or by a person fielding throwing the ball to the bowler so you have to stop at one cone. If you don’t you are out.

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